Monday, October 31, 2005

Melbourne Cup

Ah yes, it's the race that stops the nation and indeed, we in DEET Financial Services were stopped. I got fully involved with all the sweeps and ended up spending $24.00 on them!! I won $12.00 because I had Makybe Diva on the $1.00 sweep. Woohoo!!! We ended up having lunch at a place called Rorke's Drift (a pub just across the road) and watched the race there. I must say I got pretty excited as I had a lot of horses to cheer on!! I wanted Lachlan River to win, but that's because he was my $10.00 sweep horse!! Hehe. Well, I cheered along with everyone else and I can honestly say I was absolutely thrilled when I saw Makybe Diva gaining ground!! It was such a happy moment!!! I actually knew which horse she was without someone having to point her out to me!!! I tear almost came to the eye!!

I love the fact that the jockey was so caught up in the moment that he cried openly and then did a funny arm gestures!!! Hehe, I started laughing at him. I also loved the random ‘woohoos’ when he finished his interview!!

All in all, I had a nice and fun day and I can’t wait until next year when I will hopefully have more luck betting on the beautiful horses!! *sings Darryl Braitwaite’s song “horses”*

Have a good day and I hope the punters got lucky!!

Jack Handy Thought For The Day: If you’re ever stuck in some thick undergrowth, in your underwear, don’t stop and think of what other words have “under” in them, because that’s probably the first sign of jungle madness.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Okay, so about two week ago I went to my first concert after AGES!! Seriously, the last concert I remember going to was Tina Turner when I was about 10!!! (Let me hear you sing "Nutbush City Limits"!!!) So, as you might imagine, I was pretty stoked about going to see Missy Higgins with her special guest Ben Lee!! *sings “Gamble Everything For Love”* I got to the Amphitheatre early because I wanted to get a good seat. The concert was scheduled to start at 7.10pm and the gates opened at 6.30pm. I was there at about 6.10pm with my chair and a copy of ‘The Va Dinci Cod’. I stood in line for a while, got bitten by mosquitoes a little and talked on the phone to Kasun. I marvelled at the fact that I was by myself but was not concerned. I looked at the young ‘gothic’ girl standing in front of me talking cool to her friend and thought “what a loser!!” Seriously, she would have been really hot with one sock on her arm and red and jeans.

Once I entered the Amphitheatre (at about 7.00pm) I saw that I had heaps of places to choose to sit and talked to one of the girls selling Missy Higgins merchandise (she does dancing with me). She tried to convince me to buy something but I said ‘no, I want to spend my money on food!!’ Hehe, how mean am I?? I then set up my fold up chair and got a call from Alayne telling me that she and her boyfriend would be coming soon. I then called Amy who said that she had just gotten out of her Mum’s graduation and would be there soon too. After that I relaxed with my funny book and thought to myself “it’s not THAT crowded”. After that it got too dark to see the words on my page and so I sat and listened to some girl singing (not very well, but better than what I could do!!).

Once Alayne and her man arrived, they went off to get food whilst I minded our spot. I made friends with the girl sitting near me whose partner had gone off to get food for her too. We talked about how ridiculously long the lines were and other small talk. Soon after that Ben Lee came on and seriously, he was great!!! I managed to get a photo of him on stage before all these dumb teenagers stood up and blocked my view!!! He did his little dance around stage with his guitar and looked very happy indeed!!! The girl next to me would yell out occasionally to the people standing up to “f#$cin’ sit down!!” Hehe, I would laugh internally but secretly agree with her. Those people made my waiting in line at 6.10pm a waste of time.

When ‘Disease’ came on, I got very excited and called Yoomi to let her listen to it. We sang along together and yeah, both got really into it, especially the ‘na na na na’ bit!!! (Man, I love that part!!). I then rang Kasun (coz I figured he’d like the song) and let him listen for a while too. Hehe, so basically I was bringing Ben Lee to people live!! *bows*

When Missy Higgins came on stage the teenagers went even more crazy!!! I was able to see her head occasionally which I was happy about. Alayne was lying down on a rug and couldn’t see past the people’s legs. Her voice was beautiful though!!! Really awesome and I’m so glad I got the chance to see her live!! I took a few pics of her but I haven’t developed them yet, I suppose if I start showing people photos of a crowd with a small white head amongst them, they will know I went to the Missy Higgins concert (and that I wasn’t one of those stupid people who stood up!!).

I’m so glad I went and the tickets were only $39.95!! I’m not sure what they would cost down south!! I ended up buying some ‘Missy Higgins’ badges which I have worn once. Absolutely useless but I guess I got caught up in the moment………….hehe!!

Sorry for taking so long to post, I honestly haven’t had much to say over the last week or so. Oh yes, by the way, my friend Maya is getting married on the 7th Jan 2006!! How cool is that??

Okay, it’s bye for now, but stay tuned for the next episode!!!

Jack Handy Thought For The Day: It’s easy to sit and scoff at an old man’s folly. But also, check out his Adam’s apple!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On The Run

Hello People. Well, you all know I live in Crocodile Country and this article in our newspaper today just about proves it............

Taken from The Northern Territory News 12 October 2005


Crocs on the run being rounded up


RUNAWAY crocodiles continued to be caught on properties in Darwin's rural region yesterday.

It was first thought about 18 salties escaped from the Darwin Crocodile Farm at Noonamah.

But after a more thorough head count, the figure was yesterday revised up to 40.

More than half the crocodiles have been recaptured. At least one has been shot by a startled homeowner. Parks and Wildlife Minister Marion Scrymgour said about 12 were still on the run.

Residents of the area have complained that they were not warned about the escaped crocodiles. Several of the 1.2m salties were caught yesterday. Barney Barton-Ancliffe, 36, was clearing trees at the home of friend Vanessa Cuttriss in Gulnare Rd, Bees Creek, when he found a crocodile in the garden. They caught the animal with a home-made noose. "It didn't put up much of a fight,'' said Mr Barton-Ancliffe, who owns Freestyle Concrete.

"It was probably tired after walking from the croc farm.''

He said there were three slide marks leading on to the property - but only one croc was found.

The salties escaped after a farm worker left open the lower part of a door to a pen.

Ms Scrymgour, questioned by Independent Member for Nelson Gerry Wood, told parliament the farm had promised to look at security.

The farm is understood to be considering erecting a barrier in front the pens.


So, err, as you can see, I am lucky that I have not had a leg bitten off as yet. Perhaps tomorrow my luck might not be so good. So, if I don't update my blog for a while, I guess you'll know why!!

Jack Handy Thought For The Day: I bet it was pretty hard to pick up girls if you had the Black Death.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Okay, so I did write a really good post before...........but this damn blog maintenance was going on, so I lost the whole thing!!! Things that make you go 'ARGH'!!!! That aside, I will try and remember as much of my original post as possible!!

Anika Remembers.......... (imagine white clouds and pretty blue skies)

So, it seems like an eon ago (what on earth is an 'eon'??) but I was in Sydney last week!! I had a wonderful time and I owe a big round of thanks for everyone who made my parents and I welcome where ever we went. THANK YOU MUCHLY!!!

I managed to eat an absolutely scrum-diddily-umpcious Oporto Bondi burger on my first day in Sydney, and I'm glad. It was a good burger and I'm sure Vids, Yoomi and Kasun will agree that I enjoyed it!! (Rids and Mel are also well aware of how much I'm in love with the Bondi burger). It was fun catching up with my funny buddies and laughing about old times.

My graduation was incredibly interesting and not boring at all (maybe a little bit - there was a lot of clapping), but I was prepared to be yawning and honestly I don't think I yawned once (but who was counting huh??). I enjoyed the Chinese flute music and the most amusing thing was seeing the academics in their gowns walking/prancing to the music. The academics I recognised were Jenny Donald (she didn't recognise me!!), Ian and Joanne Jamie, and last but definitely not least, Peter Karuso!! Peter congratulated me and shook my hand after the Graduation ceremony and then tried to have a conversation with me. I almost had a heart attack and all in all, it was a stilted conversation with me asking him how Chem339 was going. He probably still thinks I'm an idiot. I still find him VERY intimidating and rather curt. What else, oh yeah, Kasun gave me a new mobile phone for my Graduation present!! What a sweetie!!! I felt rather ashamed when he gave it to me coz I had kept whining to him after my ceremony that he didn't get me flowers OR a Graduation bear. Hehe..........aren't I absolutely pathetic?? (I really wanted one of those bears though!!).

I had a great time in Canberra. The road trip there with Kasun and my parents wasn't as painful as I thought it would be so that was good. We did a quick tour of the new Parliament House and then met up with a couple of my Dad's friends who used to live in Darwin but now live in the Nation's Capital. The next day I had breakfast at Gus' with Mel, Rids and Kasun. That was one BIG breakfast let me tell you!!! I'm sure Rids felt like chucking one of his gardening tools at me from time to time. After breakky, we met up with my parents and decided that we should go to Questacom (as Rids said I would love it!!). My favourite exhibit was the giant kaleidoscope that you got to walk through and then feel dizzy afterwards!! Go the 'scope!! After that, as the weather had improved, we decided to make a mad dash for Floriade. After tiptoeing through the tulips a little a freak storm hit us and we ran for shelter into the cafe. By the time we sat down and ordered some comfort food the sun was shining again. We had more of a look around and then decided to drive back to Sydney.

We stayed in the city for a couple of nights and I had my fill of China Town, George Street and Myer. We also saw a movie at IMAX and went to Star City for the buffet dinner. YUM!!! Kasun also took me to Manly on Saturday for our 'anniversary' (and he still didn't buy me any flowers!!). Manly was nice and I wish I could have sat and watched the ocean for hours and hours.

All up, it was a very eventful week. I packed a lot in and I'm glad I got to meet up with a lot of my buddies. Thank you all so much for taking the time and effort to see me!!!

I can't wait to come back to Sydney and see the big smoke again!!!

Okay, so that was the end of my remembering............. the original post was probably more detailed and interesting, but all I can do is blame this damn maintenance people!! Damn them!!!

Have a nice day.

Jack Handy Thought For The Day: If life deals you lemons, why not go kill someone with the lemons (maybe by shoving them down his throat).