Thursday, August 25, 2005

Relay For Life

I don't think I have told anyone that we, yes, DEET Financial Services are doing something called "Relay for Life". Basically we are raising money for the Cancer Council of the Northern Territory. We are doing fun things such as raffles, 50's clubs, selling drinks etc, and so on and so fourth. The 'Relay' we are participating in is pretty much an all night event where people from our 'team' walks around an oval continuously (taking it in turns ofcourse). I think it's for a pretty good cause, so I volunteered to do my rostered hour (or thereabouts) at 10am in the morning, as then I would only have to wait one hour until the relay was over (because it finishes at about 12noon!!). I don't particularly want to spend the night on an oval (yes, year 12 muck up day was enough for me!!! Damn those mozzies!!).

So, today we are having a lunch, where people have donated food and we are charging people who want to come to the lunch $10.00 to raise yet more money. The absolute great thing about this affair is that our team 'leader' had a great idea and now we are all wearing the VERY PURPLE relay shirts for the lunch. I can honestly say that the 'small' shirt is very BIG and I look like a purple people eater. I feel like an idiot wearing such a shirt and I can't wait to take it off. I think I bought a shirt this colour when I was about 14 and even then, I only wore it for a little while because I guess I realised what a mistake it was..............purple shirts guys, PURPLE shirts!!!

What on earth were they thinking??

Where they thinking??

We are going for a Hawaiian theme and we have those grass/plastic skirts (very colourful too) and mumus/lays to wear around our necks. Oh man, I can't wait!!!!

For this lunch today I donated 'fish balls' I know how popular they were with my uni buddies and also Kasun liked them. My dad made a 'funny' comment to our team leader by saying that he'd have to find some male fish, coz we need fish balls. Now, you guys can honestly see where I get my stupid sense of humour from!!!

Okay, I hope everyone enjoys dreaming about my fish balls (especially all those vegetarians out there).

Jack Handy Thought For The Day: I'd like to see a nude opera, because when they hit those high notes, I bet you can really see it in those genitals.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm SO Full!!!

Hi Guys,

You would think I would have gotten over stuffing my face everytime there was free food or a buffet, but alas, it seems I still haven't gotten over it!! In fact, I have just got back to work after a very yummy farewell lunch and am feeling like I'm going to pop (much like the guy off Comedy Inc getting acupuncture). Why I do this, I have NO idea!!! Anyway, I tell people it's because I come from a third world country and therefore ALWAYS get a doggy bag when ever I go to a restaraunt (I don't always do this, but I say I do - one of those stupid things you lie about!!). Anyway, my friend Alyane was telling me that she and one of her friends (who I met a while ago) went out to a restaraunt recently and couldn't eat all their food. Alayne's friend was like "where's Anika?? We should really call her coz she's from a third world country!!" Hehe, I thought that was quite funny.

Anyways, I've started going to the gym, well, I've been twice in two weeks, so that's like once a week, which will soon lead to twice a week and so on and so fourth. That should (hopefully) make me more concious as to what I put in my mouth (no smart comments there Mel - I know what you were thinking!!). Seriously though, when I see all that food, all I think is "Wow, how fast can I get into that!!!" I need to control my urges to get my money's worth like I'm controlling my urges to yell at people (and punch them too!!).

Well, at least I ate everything that was in front of me!!! I bagged people out for leaving stuff on their plates (well, one person anyway, there I go, lying again!!). Seriously though, if the food is good, I think, you're only young once, and while I don't have to consider blood pressure, cholesterol, etc, etc, I'll eat what I like!! Hehe.

Yeah, well, this was a weird post. I hope you all smiled and nodded and thought 'what an idiot!!' Hehe, seriously, I'm feeling quite ill now.

Happy Daffodil Day to everyone!!!!

Jack Handy Thought For The Day: If you ever teach a yodeling class, probably the hardest thing is to keep the students from just trying to yodel right off. You see, we build to that.