Saturday, July 29, 2006

20 Days

Hey There,

I will tell you about my time at work. My last stint at MRM was for 20 days..........if that sounds like a long time, IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just calculated that I worked 240 hours during that time. I actually used a calculator for that, which proves how sad I am not to be able to work that out in my head!!!! I thought it would be relatively easy to work for that long, and at the start it was. Then I think the whole fact that I wouldn't be going home in AGES hit me probably at the 9-10 day mark and I went a little crazy. Every morning I would wake up and count on my fingers how many days I had to go. I soon realised that this was NOT the way to go as I would get disheartened after doing this. Soon I felt like a machine and stopped having feelings (I don't mean this literally, but I did feel like I was slightly robotic). I also didn't really talk much. I feel the fact that the ICP (the machine that analyses all the samples) wasn't working properly also made me a little bit more on edge and a little angry. I refrained from kicking the damn thing, but only just. My boss was also not there the whole time which also left us with all the data entry and the responsibility of 'fixing' the ICP. However, I think I learnt a lot about my capabilities and also how to tell metallurgists (nicely and firmly) that their results would not be available that day.

I was talking to this one guy who said he had done 3 weeks at a mine before and that the hardest part was the middle which I totally agreed with. I would do it again, but only if the equipment was working properly and if my boss was there for at least SOME of the time.

However, my incentive for staying there for so long was great as I am now able to go to Melbourne and Sydney for an extended break. Woohoo!!!! I can't wait to see everyone again!!!!

Take care. I know this was boring, but I really don't care what you think!!! :D Hehe!!!

Jack Handy Thought For The Day: Love can sweep you off your feet and carry you along in a way you've never known before. But the ride always ends, and you end up feeling lonely and bitter. Wait. It's not love I'm describing. I'm thinking of a monorail.