Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm SO Full!!!

Hi Guys,

You would think I would have gotten over stuffing my face everytime there was free food or a buffet, but alas, it seems I still haven't gotten over it!! In fact, I have just got back to work after a very yummy farewell lunch and am feeling like I'm going to pop (much like the guy off Comedy Inc getting acupuncture). Why I do this, I have NO idea!!! Anyway, I tell people it's because I come from a third world country and therefore ALWAYS get a doggy bag when ever I go to a restaraunt (I don't always do this, but I say I do - one of those stupid things you lie about!!). Anyway, my friend Alyane was telling me that she and one of her friends (who I met a while ago) went out to a restaraunt recently and couldn't eat all their food. Alayne's friend was like "where's Anika?? We should really call her coz she's from a third world country!!" Hehe, I thought that was quite funny.

Anyways, I've started going to the gym, well, I've been twice in two weeks, so that's like once a week, which will soon lead to twice a week and so on and so fourth. That should (hopefully) make me more concious as to what I put in my mouth (no smart comments there Mel - I know what you were thinking!!). Seriously though, when I see all that food, all I think is "Wow, how fast can I get into that!!!" I need to control my urges to get my money's worth like I'm controlling my urges to yell at people (and punch them too!!).

Well, at least I ate everything that was in front of me!!! I bagged people out for leaving stuff on their plates (well, one person anyway, there I go, lying again!!). Seriously though, if the food is good, I think, you're only young once, and while I don't have to consider blood pressure, cholesterol, etc, etc, I'll eat what I like!! Hehe.

Yeah, well, this was a weird post. I hope you all smiled and nodded and thought 'what an idiot!!' Hehe, seriously, I'm feeling quite ill now.

Happy Daffodil Day to everyone!!!!

Jack Handy Thought For The Day: If you ever teach a yodeling class, probably the hardest thing is to keep the students from just trying to yodel right off. You see, we build to that.


At Friday, August 19, 2005, Blogger Vidya said...

Ok Anika... after reading that post, I am starting to wonder jsut how many things you have told me to date is actually true!!!

Come on! Do you really live in Darwin or Do you just live out West - like at the Druitt, and exagerate???

And - are you really Sri Lankan? Or are you just Tasmanian????

Are you really going to the gym - or do you just walk to your car now rather than drive your "at-home" buggie???? :P

At Friday, August 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol...Vidya, some of that could be considered downright mean! :D Anika, that blog was stuffed with food that I'm unsure what to say...I suppose as long as you're enjoying what you eat, all is well!


At Friday, August 19, 2005, Blogger Vidya said...

Yoomi - I did not mean to be mean:D

Chowey Anika dearest *gives free pen*

At Saturday, August 20, 2005, Blogger Anika From Darwin said...

Hehe, this post was pointless, but I had nothing else to really say, well I did, but I was so full at the time of writing that post, I thought I should share my feelings of uncomfortable-ness with you all.

Vidya, I know you are wondering now if I'm a compulsive liar, but I promise you I'm not, I just lie about small/useless things just to make life a little more exciting!!

Yoomi, I did enjoy what I ate (I almost always do - that's the TRUTH).

Love and miss you guys!!!

At Sunday, August 21, 2005, Blogger Vidya said...

hehe... *pulls pig tails*:P

At Sunday, August 21, 2005, Blogger lucyalexander48657966 said...

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At Monday, August 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Dame Anika, how are you today?



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